Auro 3D

California Audio Technology (CAT) has been signed a long-term cooperation relationship with Galaxy Studios’ Auro 3D® technology. The CAT & Auro 3D® showroom in Shanghai is the first private home theater in Asia, which is made by RICH THEATRE and has been certificated and authorized by Galaxy Studio.
Auro 11.1 is one of the cinematic speaker layouts of the Auro-3D format, invented in 2005 by Wilfried Van Baelen (CEO Auro Technologies, CEO Galaxy Studios). The Auro 11.1 cinema audio format is powered by Barco, a global visualization technology company and market leader in digital cinema projection.The audio format creates immersive 3D sound by using a three-dimensional (x,y,z) 11.1 channel /speaker layout. The Auro 11.1 system is designed along three layers of sound (ear-level, height and overhead). Based on the existing 5.1 surround sound configuration, the technology adds a height and top layer for an immersive sound experience. With this audio format, natural sound comes from all around and above the listener. "The closer to natural sound, the more immersive the impact" quoted Wilfried Van Baelen in 2006 (AES convention Paris & San Francisco, where he launched the Auro-3D format with the "'Auro 9.1"' system).